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Dental Implants

An Option for Replacing
One or More Missing Teeth

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Implant Bridge

A Fixed Solution for
Multiple Missing Teeth

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Implant Dentures

A Comfortable & Reliable
Solution for Missing Teeth

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Get a Completely New
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True Expertise

We are unique. We are a top-rated dental practice in The Valley that offers our patients the combined expertise of 4 dentists. All have advanced training that uniquely qualifies them to restore smiles with dental implants.

Our entire team is proud to provide one-stop solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of missing teeth. They will meet with you, study 3D scans of your mouth, explain all your options and create a custom plan for your new smile. Most importantly, they will do all of this while making it possible for you to relax and feel comfortable.

MEET Our Dentists
Dr. Samuel Gegamian Samuel Gegamian, DMD
Board-Certified Endodontist
Dr. Idan Snapir Idan Snapir, DDS
Restorative & Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Shanne Sastiel Shanne Sastiel, DDS, MS
Board-Certified Periodontist

& Affordable

The confidence and self-esteem that come with a natural smile are priceless. With this in mind, our patients trust us to utilize the highest-quality components along with the latest technology. Also, we offer all-inclusive pricing for our dental implants. Whether you are replacing one or all of your teeth, you will always know your total cost before we start treatment. No surprises.

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Implants Can Make
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Many people missing one or more teeth have lived much of their lives without being able to eat, drink or smile with total confidence. The long-term effects of missing teeth can be devastating, and “permanent solutions” are available. Over the past 50 years, patients across the United States have smiled confidently because of dental implants. It is your time to join them.

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Clearly Your
Best Choice

Congratulations. You are about to make a decision that will change your life forever. Upgrading your teeth will allow you to eat anything and to smile with total confidence again. And, by choosing to work with our team of experts, you can get the ideal treatment for your needs. In fact, most patients wish they would have invested in their new teeth years ago. New U Dental is the right choice to recapture the smile of your youth and to live a life filled with laughter, great food and good times.

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